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ZOZEN Low-NOx Boilers Support Henan Province to Control Air Pollution

06 Apr 2021        page view:  1004

A few days ago, Henan Province of China issued a latest Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for Coal-Burning Oil-Burning Gas-Fired Boiler in 2021, stipulating that the maximum allowable emission limits of NOx of the gas-fired boilers in used is 50mg/Nm3, and the maximum allowable emission limits of NOx for newly built areas or areas requiring special protection measures is 30mg/Nm3. Facing strict environmental protection standards, ZOZEN Boiler cooperated with many well-known enterprises in Henan Province, such as Yisheng Chemical, Furen Medicines Group and Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., to continuously provide strong support for the local pollution reduction and environmental quality improvement.



ZOZEN gas-fired boiler operating in a hospital in Henan Province


Henan implemented new emission standard, ZOZEN seized the opportunity

ZOZEN’s low-NOx gas-fired boiler adopts combustion optimization control technology to reduce the combustion temperature, thus reducing NOx emission, reaching the target of emission limits lower than 30mg/Nm3, which can easily meet the local environmental standard in Henan.


Compared with other boiler manufacturers in Henan, ZOZEN boiler has not only established a perfect quality control system to ensure the long-term safe operation of the boiler, but also continuously optimized the after-sales service system to provide customers all-round technical and management support.



ZOZEN Boiler owns industry-leading equipment


ZOZEN Boiler helps Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to achieve the goal of the whole industrial chain strategy

Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first listed company mainly engaged in dried noodles in China, the company's annual production capacity and sales come out in front in the industry. In order to achieve the goal of the whole industrial chain strategy, Kemen Noodle invested 36.6 million US dollars to build a production base in Yanjin County, Henan Province.


ZOZEN gas-fired steam boiler played a full role in the production base, providing sufficient steam for cooking, drying, sterilization and other process links, and occupied a decisive position in the large-scale production of enterprises.



Boiler Room of Kemen Noodle Manufacturing


ZOZEN gas-fired steam boilers adopt full membrane wall structure with good air tightness and sufficient heating surface. This kind of boiler is equipped with the advanced low-NOx burner and large-volume furnace to reduce the generation of NOx, and meet the local stringent environmental protection standard. ZOZEN Boiler enjoyed the good reputation for its high quality of the boilers as well as the considerate service system, which helped ZOZEN Boiler won the title of “Excellent Supplier”.


The ultra-low nitrogen emission is bound to become the basic requirement for boiler use nationwide in the near future, and ZOZEN Boiler will always concentrate on the R&D, continuously innovate products and technologies, and contribute more to environmental protection.