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2.4 MW thermal oil heater for tobacco industry

Thermal oil heaters cases
  • Type

    HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

  • Capacity

    2 million kcal

  • Location

    Zhengzhou Henan

  • Model


2.4 MW thermal oil heater for tobacco industry
Case introduction

Founded in 1994, Xinzheng Golden Mango Industrial Corporation of Henan Province belongs to the second grade enterprise of Xinzheng Cigarette Factory of Henan Zhongyan Industrial Co., Ltd. The main products are tobacco mouthpieces, cigarette flakes, hot-melt adhesives, glycerides, tipping papers, packaging cartons, etc. The products are widely used in cigarette production. Currently, every cigarette sold in the market is provided with a mouth stick. The last step of the mouthpiece processing process is suction drying and solidification, and it is necessary to remove water to make the filter rod achieve the required hardness and residual volatility in the glue. The organics are clean and the mouthpieces are safe and odor-free. In recent years, Golden Mango Industrial plans to carry out a comprehensive remodeling of the boiler room to produce more products that are satisfactory to customers. Through investigation, it has finally acquired a 2.4 MW thermal fluid heater in ZOZEN boiler (YQW-2400Q) to improve the operation of the boiler room.

Customer feedback—— Henan xinzheng Gold Mango Industrial Corporation

Because of the need for boiler room renovation, we purchased a thermal fluid heater at ZOZEN boiler and put it into production after installation and commissioning. This boiler body adopts a three-pass structure, equipped with advanced combustion devices, featuring complete combustion, and high thermal efficiency, saving us a large amount of fuel costs.

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