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Hotel Industry 2 Tons Energy-Saving Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project

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    2 tph

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    Anhui, China

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Hotel Industry 2 Tons Energy-Saving Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project
Case introduction

I. Project Background:

Boilers in hotels are mainly used in heating, hot water supply and steam supply for kitchen and laundry room. Steam boiler has great influence in the hotel brand and operation. In addition, for hotels, all kinds of energy consumption, including boiler equipment, will be generated every day. When the hotel purchases steam boiler, it puts forward higher requirements for the boiler's performance and energy saving and emission reduction effects.


II. Solutions:

ZOZEN Boiler designed a set of 2 tons gas-fired steam boiler for the hotel. This series of boilers adopts horizontal wetback structure, which is compact and occupies a small area. It is matched with advanced low-nitrogen burner, which can fully burn fuel and effectively inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides.


In addition, WNS series boilers adopt the threaded smoke tube, a high-efficiency heat transfer element independently developed by ZOZEN Boiler, which extends the residence time of flue gas in the boiler and effectively improves the thermal efficiency to over 98%.  At the same time, the boiler is equipped with an intelligent control system, which can be easily set by users. The boiler can realize full automatic operation such as start-stop, load adjustment and automatic water supply according to actual heat demand.


Customer feedback—— Shuyi Hotel

The performance of ZOZEN steam boiler was outstanding, which provided our hotel with stable steam. The service team of ZOZEN Boiler was also very professional, and had conducted a lot of communication in the early stage, fully understood our needs, and designed solutions that met the actual working conditions for us. After installation was completed, the after-sales service team gave us training and guidance to help us get familiar with the operation as soon as possible.

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