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Does the organic heat carrier belong to a boiler?

07 Oct 2022

Organic heat carrier is widely used because of its advantages of low pressure and high temperature and high precision control of medium operation.

Is the organic heat carrier a boiler? According to Article 88 of Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions of the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, the meanings of the following terms in this Regulation are: Boiler refers to the closed equipment that heats the liquid to a certain parameter and bears a certain pressure by using various fuels, electricity or other energy sources, and its scope is defined as a pressure-bearing steam boiler with a volume greater than or equal to 30L; Pressure-bearing hot water boiler with outlet water pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) and rated power greater than or equal to 0.1MW; Organic heat carrier boiler. Is the organic heat carrier furnace a boiler?

Obviously, the organic heat carrier is a kind of boiler.

Principle and structure of organic heat carrier boiler

Organic heat carrier boiler, also known as heat-conducting oil boiler, refers to the boiler whose medium is heat-conducting oil. Generally, coal, oil and gas are used as fuel, heat conduction oil is used as medium, and the hot oil circulation pump is used to force the medium to circulate in liquid phase, and the heat energy is delivered to the heating equipment and then returned to the heating furnace for reheating. It is a once-through boiler developed based on the design idea of forced circulation.

The furnace body of ZOZEN organic heat carrier adopts multi-return disc tube structure, and the end of the coil adopts the necking coil, which effectively protects the furnace wall at the end of the boiler. It is equipped with an advanced combustion device with a thermal efficiency of more than 95%, and has the characteristics of full-automatic and safe operation.