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What is the common material of thermal oil heater body?

30 Sep 2022

Thermal oil heater, also known as organic heat carrier boiler, is a kind of special equipment. In order to control the safety of the boiler, relevant departments have certain specification requirements for the material of heat-conduction oil boiler. In this paper, as a professional heat-transfer oil boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler will show you what kind of material is used on the boiler body of the thermal oil heater.

The boiler body material of theral oil heater

As for the material of heat transfer oil boiler body, Organic Heat Carrier Furnace (GBT 17410-2008) states as follows:

5.6.1 Metal materials and welding materials used for pressure parts of organic heat carrier furnace shall comply with relevant national standards and industry standards, and shall be selected according to the relevant provisions of Safety Technology Supervision Regulations for Organic Heat Carrier Furnace. The steel of foreign grade used for pressure components should be the steel grade of foreign boiler steel series or similar in chemical composition, mechanical properties and welding performance to the domestic steel allowed for boilers, and be listed as standard steel grade or mature boiler steel grade. 

The whole process management of ZOZEN boiler ensures the reliability of heat transfer oil boiler body material. As a manufacturer focusing on the design, production and sales of industrial boilers, ZOZEN Boiler has advanced tooling equipment and strong R&D strength. In order to ensure reliable quality, ZOZEN Boiler has developed a complete set of production processes from the materials entering the factory, acceptance, blanking to the boiler packaging and warehousing, and has a number of quality inspection links to ensure that the heat transfer oil boiler body materials meet the safety requirements and achieve quality control.

ZOZEN thermal oil heater adopts multi-loop coil and large furnace design, with large combustion space and sufficient heating surface. At the same time, Zhongzheng boiler can also choose suitable energy-saving devices such as waste heat boiler for heat-conducting oil boiler according to actual working conditions, and the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler is over 95%, which is widely praised by the market. 

According to the needs of different users, ZOZEN Boiler can design a complete set of boiler solutions for practical hot working conditions. If you want to purchase heat transfer oil boiler, please consult the engineer of ZOZEN Boiler online.